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Meet Our Elders

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Jonathan Parsons

Clerk of Session

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Lynda Hickey

Buildings & Grounds, 

Christian Education

"Approximately 9 years ago, I walked into First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove at a very trying time in my life. That day, I met the kindest group of people who became my church family and I’ve been here ever since.


A few years back, I was asked if I would take a position on the session at church. I never realized how much it would impact my life for the better. Being on the session has given me an opportunity to get more involved in our Glen Cove community than I had ever been.


FPC of GC is a church that supports our community. We are a church that helps the homeless by opening our doors to them. Together with the North Shore Sheltering Program, we have provided a warm place for homeless men to sleep and eat in the cold winter months for many years now. I also love that we are a church that walks and stands in support of our brothers and sisters of different cultures, colors, genders, and backgrounds in unity with all.


When you walk into FPC of GC, you will be greeted by the same loving church family that I met when I walked through these doors. ALL are always welcome here."

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Peter Moran

Buildings & Grounds, 

Christian Education

"I have been a member of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove for about 8 years. I came to FPC of GC for the welcoming congregation of the gay community.


Being on the Session for a few years makes you realize how much can be accomplished within a small congregation. I have gotten to refurbish the downstairs kitchen, paint rooms in the manse, and serve as a contact person for the Alcoholics Anonymous group that uses our church space daily. My aim as an elder is to help in any way I can."


Sue Cheney


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Betty Ann Roel


Valerie Ruckert

Personnel & Outreach


"I am a relatively new member of First Presbyterian Church of Glen  I am also a church Elder.


I was raised Presbyterian in the southeastern corner of PA.  Most of the years we were living there it was semi-rural.  My heart feels more country than city but I loved living in Manhattan for about 10 years before moving to Glen Cove in 1994.  My husband, Ron and I, and our two 20-something sons, are grateful to have weathered this time of Covid-19 safely and together.


Being part of FPC of Glen Cove these past 2 years has been a time of spiritual growth and grounding for me.  I am the type of seeker that has found Presbyterian churches throughout my journey.  Looking back, they were/are times that have been pivotal moments in my life.  Each time, my faith has grown and my life has become enriched with feeling closer to understanding the surrounding and constant presence of God.


I believe FPC is at the beginning of a new growth.  I hope others will come to find the love, acceptance, and joy that the members here share.  Arms are open here for all even if we can’t hug for a while yet."

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