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Do you have questions about faith, religion, spirituality, or Christianity?

Are you curious, but afraid to ask the questions? 

Have you been wounded by a religious institution?

At the Table, we believe that YOU are sacred and so are your questions.

One of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove's partner ministries is Glenwood Table. The Glenwood Table started as a Presbyterian 1001 New Worshiping Communities member, and Pastor Lana spends some of her time imagining how to expand the embrace of God in our local community and beyond.

Tables are important pieces in our world. Whether we've recognized it or not, tables are places for gathering, for sharing, for connecting. And in the Christian tradition, the table has been a centerpiece for one of our most celebrated rituals: communion, also known as the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper. At the Glenwood Table, we are working to build a Table together where the only rule is Love. Whether you’ve been burned by religion or you have all the faith in the world, you are invited to this Table of Love to feast upon grace that helps us reimagine Christian faith for the 21st century and empowers us to build a better world.

While the Glenwood Table originally started as a gathering with a meal, the pandemic shifted what we do. We now have a podcast where we interview people about their faith journeys, discuss a diversity of topics, and have weekly Scripture readings from the Lectionary. We also have various prayer series on our Instagram.

Ask your questions and tell us your story by reaching out to or on Instagram and Facebook.

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