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Our History

The First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove was founded in 1869 to bring the message of the Christian gospel to this part of Long Island. Originally the Church was located up on Hendrick Avenue in the vicinity of the Polish National Home of Glen Cove.

In 1905, the Church was given the property where it is presently located and the church building and the manse/pastor’s house were built next to each other in 1906. Both buildings were built in the Tudor style, popular at that time. The striking architectural design, both inside and out, have created a lasting community landmark that sits on a small hillside, visible from several directions.

Inside, the sanctuary is relatively small and cozy with a single center pulpit, a magnificent pipe organ, slanted flooring which descends to the pulpit area, stained glass windows and sliding glass doors that open to a wonderfully light and airy Parish Hall. The adjacent kitchen and parlor provide easy access for meetings, Bible studies, and Christian education classes. There is a full basement with many smaller rooms off the main area, making it possible for one of the other Hispanic congregations to meet there for worship and Church school.

This Church has always been mission-minded, helping to institute the North Shore Sheltering Program, which it houses during the winter months, and maintaining a strong relationship with the Interfaith Nutrition Network, as well as the Long Island Council of Churches. We are members of the InterAgency Council of Glen Cove and North Shore Clergy Association. There is a strong emphasis on peacemaking and social justice within the church and in the larger community.

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